1. Privacy and confidentiality
We ensure that all the conversations, sensitive information, or materials we work with stay private.
2. Personalized strategies
We perform deep market research and competitors analysis before initiating any serious marketing campaign.
3. Dedicated CMO
You don’t have to find marketers and contractors - Full-time CMO will do all the hard work and assign tasks to other specialists in our team.
4. Commitment
Our experts will keep tracking the success of your projects and make sure that tasks are fulfilled as planned.
5. High competence
Suncrypters team has huge experience in promoting and guiding crypto projects through any stage of development.
6. Getting results
Our experise is expanding and strategies are constantly improving to reach the desired numbers and outcomes.


Community growth Dedicated CMO Marketing Strategy


The client came to us with the task to create a full growth marketing strategy for the TAF ecosystem. Suncrypters team provided a Dedicated CMO who managed all the marketing activities including influencers marketing, shilling, community growth and partnerships setup.

Community growth Dedicated CMO Marketing Strategy

Olympus Game

The initial task was to prepare an IDO campaign and grew community of the project. We provided dedicated CMO, influencer marketing & shilling services and helped to launch successful IDO campaign.

Telegram members 100K
Market cap 40M
Users 10K
Community growth Marketing Strategy User acqusition


The challenge was to create and promote a platform for NFT generating. The project managed to collect $3 million from the famous funds, including Solana. Two games went to the beta stage in 6 months and attracted more than 300K users. 

Users 300K
Community growth Marketing Strategy


Our team developed PR strategy, conducted social media promotion and community growth, grew the number of registrations from 2 per day to 100. We were first on the market who started promoting DEFI projects, explored their prons, and delivered them to users. After the growth of exchange turnover from 1500$ to 100 000$ per day the product exited to Asia.

Users 100K
Community growth Marketing Strategy


Suncrypters took part in the development of Tinder Coin, in-app currency, the feature was in beta testing in Asia and Australia. Created marketing strategy, conducted social media campaign to encourage new coin holders that resulted in 30 000 of new coin holders.

Users 30K