Top 10 Crypto Calendars to Track ICO, IDO, and Airdrop Announcements

30 September 2022
10 min
Helen Petrashchuk
Helen Petrashchuk
CEO & Co-founder

There’s so much happening in the crypto world every day that you can hardly keep your finger on its pulse every day. Hundreds of new coins, tokens, and projects launch on multiple centralized and decentralized platforms. Some of them are worth your attention, while others have zero market potential. 

So, how can you keep pace with the crypto world’s heartbeat? Well-designed calendars with filters and additional project data can be of much help in this endeavor. By choosing a couple of handy and feature-rich calendars, you will learn about all ICOs, IDOs, and airdrops early enough to make an investment decision. This article reviews the top 10 calendars available for crypto enthusiasts, with a detailed analysis of their pros, features, and key stats.

Major Upcoming Token Generation Events


Cryptorank is a great resource for tracking all news and events in the crypto market. The website was founded in 2017 in Estonia, and it currently enjoys over 1.1 million visits. The largest audience of the website is Russia (16.54%), Ukraine (10.65%), and Vietnam (10.5%). Only 5% of the website’s users come from the USA. 

Here you will find tons of valuable materials from professional market analysts and amateur users. It helps you track over 1,700 cryptocurrencies and enables forming a crypto portfolio online. You can search for investment ideas in the IDO/IEO section, conveniently filtered by the upcoming, active, and past events. The website also offers a watchlist feature, where you can add all projects of interest and receive the latest updates about them.



The ICODrops project focuses exclusively on the crypto market’s ICOs, IDOs, and airdrops. The largest number of users comes from Vietnam (15.19%) and the USA (7.83%). The company offers a handy ICO calendar with active, upcoming, and finished ICOs, with detailed analytics on every project’s page. Each ICO is also rated in terms of investor interest, a cumulative indicator based on its hype, risk, and expected ROI. 

The company’s subscribers can receive a weekly ICO plan in their emailboxes, and the Twitter and Instagram channels of ICODrops are full of daily crypto news. Another valuable feature is the bounty list, containing projects ready to share their tokens as rewards for user activity and project data dissemination.



This resource is quite new in the digital space, but it has already won the users’ loyalty and trust due to the thorough filtering of reliable crypto news and data. For this reason, it’s justly referred to as a “leading economic calendar” for the crypto market. The company originated in France in 2017, and its largest number of users is located in India (12.93%), Turkey (10.55%), and the USA (8.79%).

The website ranks the currently available crypto coins based on their price, 24h price changes, and 24h trading volume. Users can set alerts for any cryptocurrency mentioned in the news and get the crypto updates right to their mailboxes. 

The Highlights section of the website contains the hottest news and trending topics from the crypto world. It also ranks the currencies in terms of their market potential. The section with upcoming events contains the most expected project changes or updates, and users can upvote or downvote the news by indicating whether it’s real or fake.



A genuine leader in the crypto resource market, CoinmarketCap is a go-to provider of in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies, their price and volume changes, blockchain data, and associated events. It was founded in 2013, with headquarters in the USA. The resource is currently rated #13 in the global ranking of crypto finance resources, and the number of visits to its website has exceeded 123 million. The U.S. users are the primary visitor category (12.09%), followed by Turkey (4.21%) and Russia (4.09%). 

Though it was not initially meant for ICO/IDO/airdrop tracking, it has launched a Crypto Events Calendar on a separate page. This feature allows tracking of all crypto events and filters them by types: 

  • Releases 
  • Exchanges 
  • AMA 
  • Airdrops 
  • Tokenomics 
  • Fork/Swap 
  • Partnership 
  • Community 
  • Other 

Thus, you can quickly learn all news about the awaited events or projects here and find some prospective business ideas. One major downside of the events tracker at CoinMarketCap is the absence of professional curation and ranking of content. Thus, you’ll need to determine their value and business potential on your own, attracting other sources. 

Airdrop Alert

This resource is an all-in-one reference point for everyone interested in free or heavily discounted cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2017, with headquarters in the Netherlands. Most of its users come from the USA (13.54%) and Vietnam (14.06%). 

The website features all upcoming airdrops and giveaways and lists the full set of requirements you need to fulfill to get the rewards. The airdrops are conveniently categorized into: 

  • DeFi
  • NFT 
  • New 
  • Featured
  • Exclusive 
  • Upcoming 
  • Past 

The website also allows tracking of the coin prices of projects that have already launched and features a handy airdrop dashboard for a 3600 view of user activities. You can also find many valuable educational materials about smart ways to earn crypto, such as learn & earn programs, affiliate programs, liquidity mining, and P2E products. The News section contains the latest news about crypto projects and earning opportunities of interest.



CoinGecko is among the best-known crypto websites with high-quality analytics, comprehensive news coverage, and even a trading terminal. It’s a Malaysia-based company launched in 2014. Its largest population of users comes from the USA (12.33%) and the Philippines (7.99%). CoinGecko doesn’t have a standalone calendar of ICOs and IDOs, but its rich set of customizable searches allows you to set up your own. Users can track and compare cryptocurrencies by market cap, category, cumulative gain and loss over the past 24h, and volume. You can filter the search for new cryptocurrencies, set up your customized watchlists, and get a feel of the present-day market sentiment on the global chart. 

Other valuable features at CoinGecko are the portfolio functionality (you can sign up for the service and track the P/L of your investments in real-time here) and a realm of educational materials for crypto project evaluation.



The ICOholder resource is a holy Grail for lucrative ICO and IDO hunters. The largest number of its users comes from India (12.05%) and the USA (8.08%). The year of the company’s creation is unknown, but it’s headquartered in NYC. 

It welcomes you to the list of hot and trending blockchain companies on the main page and allows you to filter the findings by ongoing, upcoming, and past events. The ICO calendar also contains convenient filters for those interested in specific settings:

  • Whitelist
  • KYC
  • Bounty 
  • MVP 
  • Reviews 

By setting up your filters, you can quickly sort the projects by KYC required, whitelisting requirements, and other parameters that may affect your choice of IDOs and ICOs to apply for. Every ICO card displays the project’s on-site rating and the percentage of collected funds compared to the final goal. 

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Coin Gabbar

Coin Gabbar is an all-purpose informational and research marketplace in the crypto market headquartered in India. The company publishes the latest research and news highlights about all major happenings in the crypto universe and gives real-time updates on the coin prices and ratings. The website launched in 2021, providing education and news updates for crypto enthusiasts, and now it tracks 1,700+ coins, features sponsored news and press releases, and welcomes airdrop announcements from crypto projects. Its largest audience resides in Belorussia (60.43%), followed by the Netherlands (7.52%). 

The crypto coin events calendar of Coin Gabbar is a convenient tool for tracking all types of crypto events. You can even choose a specific day on the regular calendar to see what’s scheduled to happen on that day. Users can like or share the scheduled events with an interested audience. The Event Type filter allows the anticipated event sorting by types, such as airdrops, tokenomics, ICOs, IDOs, and listings.


CoinCodex emerged in 2017 in Slovenia as an informational and trading resource for crypto investors. Its current users come from the USA (14.32%) and the UK (10.10%). Canadian and French crypto investors follow the lead. 

It contains a huge set of helpful resources for crypto investors, such as a Watchlist feature, an ability to create and track your portfolio, and a hands-on market overview. Users can also read competent expert reviews of crypto projects, study the latest news, and scan through the newly lusted and trending coins. 

The website also contains a useful, neatly organized ICO calendar for those on the lookout for early investment opportunities. The calendar indicates the coin’s name, the date of release, and the stage of ICO (e.g., private pre-sale, ICO, or pre-sale). You can also see on which platform the project is released (e.g., Ethereum, BSC, MATIC, AVAX, etc.) and what start and end dates are set up for this event. The filter also allows dividing the list into ongoing and upcoming events.


CryptoTotem is another popular resource in the crypto space. It was launched in the USA in 2017, quickly gaining ground as a reputable website for crypto coverage. Most of this platform’s users come from the USA (13.5%) and Turkey (7.06%). 

The website has a comprehensive crypto calendar, giving you a comprehensive view of ICOs, IEOs, STOs, and IDOs happening right now and scheduled for the near future. The company supervises all token and coin sales, informing its users about the best offers. Each project’s card presents information about the event’s type (IDO, ICO, IEO, etc.), its description, interest level among investors, and the industry to which it relates. The calendar contains ending and upcoming events to allow investors to get ready for high-potential projects. 

Keep Your Finger on the Market’s Pulse 

As our review shows, there are plenty of useful and feature-rich crypto calendars featuring new events like ICOs, IDOs, and airdrops on many platforms and exchanges. Thus, you can embrace the best projects and reap multiple benefits from early project entry by using these calendars, setting up customized watchlists, and buying the tokens before they enjoy real hype. Formulate a clear investment strategy and search filters, look for information at several trusted resources, and you’ll never miss any promising crypto happenings.  

Helen Petrashchuk
Helen Petrashchuk
CEO & Co-founder